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Customers in Europe can buy either on or on Amazon stores in Europe (U.K., Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and Netherlands) . Compare buying options below for products such as:

  • Skinfold calipers (Slim Guide, Harpenden, Lange, Cescorf)
  • Segmometers
  • Small bone anthropometers
  • Large bone anthropometers
  • Anthropometry kits

Our mission is to improve access, quality, and style of anthropometry equipment around the world.

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How to Buy Anthropometry Equipment in Europe

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    NutriActiva offers anthropometry equipment to hospitals, universities, and other organizations in Canada.  We specialize in skinfold calipers, anthropometers, and body tape measures. 

    • We can quote in USD, GBP, or EUR with all import taxes included
    • We can receive bank transfer in GBP or EUR  
    • Fill out the contact form for a quote.


    NutriActiva works with medical and anthropometry equipment distributors in Europe.  We welcome distributor inquiries in the contact form below.