Buy Anthropometry Equipment in Qatar

NutriActiva's mission is to make it easy to buy anthropometry equipment around the world. Customers in Qatar, including Doha can buy skinfold calipers (Harpenden, Lange, Slim Guide) on in the USA with express shipping. NutriActiva specialize in:

United Arab Emirates
  • Skinfold calipers (Slim Guide, Harpenden, Lange, Cescorf)
  • Tape Measures (MUAC, anthropometric, etc) 
  • Anthropometers (large bone, small bone, segmometers, anthropometry kits)

Measure with Confidence!

Where to Buy Anthropometry Equipment in Qatar
Currency USD 
Location USA (Minnesota)
Language English, Spanish
Import taxes 5%, included at checkout (prepaid)
Delivery Fedex, DHL Express (4-6 days)


NutriActiva works with medical and anthopometry equipment distributors in Qatar.  We welcome distributor inquiries in the contact form below.