Cescorf Innovare Small Bone Anthropometer Plastic 164mm

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BRAND: Cescorf

  • VALUE The cescorf is a high quality mid-range small bone anthropometer that can be used by beginners and professionals who do not require a costly alluminum model.
  • MEASURE the diameters of the humerus, femur, bimalleolar, biestiloideo, hand and foot width, wrist, knee, and elbow.
  • MATERIAL ABS plastic makes this caliper affordable, durable, lightweight, and compact.
  • OTHER NAMES It may also be referred to as a small bone caliper, knee caliper, or sliding caliper.
  • SPECIFICATIONS Resolution 1mm, range 164mm

The Innovare small bone anthropometer from Cescorf is designed specifically for anthropometric use and is engineered according to high production standards. Cescorf is the only Latin American manufacturer approved by International Society for the Advancement of Kinanthropometry (ISAK).

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