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How to Measure Height of Bedridden Adults
Measuring the height of recumbent people due to illness or disability is very necessary to provide physical and nutritional monitoring. Here you can learn about the ways of height measurement and the necessary equipment.

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Knee-Height Caliper
A knee height caliper is used to measure measure the height of bedridden patients, elderly persons, and persons in wheelchairs, by means of measuring the height of the leg. Compared to a segmometer, the segmometer is a better option, with more compact and lightweight, less expensive, and with a much greater range.

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Segmometer for Knee Height Measurement, Ulna / Forearm Length, Demi Span
A segmometer is a modified tape measure with tips used for body measurements (anthropometry) for lengths of bones.

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Anthropometric Equipment and Instruments
NutriActiva's mission is to improve access, quality, and style of anthropometry equipment around the world.  Sometimes the terminology of anthropometric equipment can be confusing.  We've done our best to clarify terminology here.

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