how to use moxy muscle O2 sensors

How does a Muscle O2 Sensor Work?

A muscle O2 sensor is used to measure muscle oxygen availability (SmO2) and hemoglobin (tHb) level during exercise by reading the pulsations of blood beats through the skin.

These sensors help to prescribe more precise and / or more adaptive exercises for the athlete, knowing if the muscle is working with more or less effort during specific exercises.

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 How are Muscle O2 Sensors Used?

3 sensors are located at 3 body points: on the two legs (or two main muscles associated with work) to identify differences, and at another point not associated with work (for example, one arm). It is recommended to measure with several intervals of 5 min of exercise with 1 minute of rest between them.

how to use a muscle sensor O2

O2 sensors can be used without live data display, but it is best to purchase one (sold separately). There are software, apps or devices that connect with the sensor and make the analysis of the results easier and more effective. You can see the available options here: Moxy Live Data Display Options

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