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Customers can buy anthropometers around the world  on NutriActiva.com in the USA with quick DHL Express shipping.

NutriActiva's mission is to improve access, quality, and style of anthropometry equipment around the world.

Our products include:

  • Small bone anthropometers
  • Large bone anthropometers
  • Segmometers
  • Skinfold calipers
  • Anthropometric tape measures

Where to Buy Anthropometers 

Anthropometers are usually sold buy medical equipment distributors, some large, and others more specialized in body evaluation.  They can be found on our store. You can also look at our list of countries how to buy internationally.

How Much do Anthropometers Cost? 

The following prices are USA prices -- they may be more expensive outside the USA due to shipping and import taxes.  


Small Bone Anthropometers 

Plastic - $20-60 

Aluminum / metal  - $150- 500

  • AnthroFlex (plastic)
  • Cescorf Innovare (plastic)
  • Cescorf (aluminum) 
Small Bone Anthropometer
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Large Bone Anthropometers 

Almost all models are aluminum and cost between $260-1000

  • Cescorf large bone anthropometer (aluminum) 
Buy Large Bone Anthropometer
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Anthropometry Kits

Usually anthropometry kit costs between $700-2000

  • Slim Guide Caliper Anthropometry Kits
  • Cescorf Anthropometry Kit 
  • Realmet Anthropometry Kit
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International Buying Info 

Shop our Amazon international stores for fast, easy, localized purchase:    International Shipping From the USA Info

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