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Anthropometric Equipment and Instruments

What are Anthropometric Tools?

Anthropometric tools are instruments for the measurement of different parts of the body as muscle, bones, and adipose tissue or body fat. Sometimes the terminology of anthropometric equipment types can be confusing.  We've done our best to clarify terminology here. 

  • Anthropometer
  • Small bone anthropometer 
  • Large bone anthropometer
  • Segmometer 
  • Knee height caliper 
  • Anthropometry Kit 
  • Anthropometric tape measure
  • Skinfold caliper
  • Stadiometer
  • Anthropometric bench 
  • Dermographic markers / pencils 
  • NutriActiva's mission is to make it easy to buy anthropometry equipment around the world. 


    An anthropometer is tool comprised of rods that can be configured for many body measurements.  A complete anthropometry kit serves the same purpose. 


    Anthropometer may reference a small or large bone anthropometer

    Pictured is a Harpenden Anthropometer.  See Complete Anthropometry Kits below

    Small Bone Anthropometer

    (Small bone caliper, small sliding caliper)

    A small bone anthropometer is a sliding caliper usually between 140-200mm used to measure width of small bones, such as wrist, knee, elbow, ankle. 

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    Large Bone Anthropometer

    (Large bone caliper, large sliding caliper)

    A large bone anthropometer is a sliding caliper usually with a range of 600mm used to measure large bones, such as shoulder width, chest depth, and pelvis. 

    cescorf large bone anthropometer
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    (Knee height caliper, flexible segmometer, rigid segmometeer, sliding broad- blade caliper)

    A segmometer measures knee height and other bone lengths, such as forearm. It can also be used to locate the midpoint of upper arm for body test measurement

    A segmometer is usually has a 3m range and is the size of a standard handheld tape measure for  easy transport. 

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    Knee Height Caliper

    (Segmometer, rigid segmometer, sliding broad-blade caliper)

    A knee height caliper is a rigid sliding caliper with long jaws used to measure the distance fromt he bottom of the foot to the knee.  That measurement can be used to calculate height of persons not able to stand.   

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    Complete Anthropometry Kit

    (Complete anthropometry kit)

    An anthropometry kit is a collection of calipers and measurement instruments for complete anthropometric evaluation.  It usually includes a small bone and large bone anthropometer, a stadiometer, anthropometric tape measure, segmometer, and transport case. 

    A complete kit usuallly includes a skinfold caliper as well.  

    anthropometry kits
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    Anthropometric Tape Measure

    - Has a thin (6mm wide), flat, flexible steel blade with blank space before the zero (6-8cm), and uses the metric system, about 2 meters in length.

    - To measure wrist, ankle, waist. 

    Also for locating midpoint of upper arm for body fat testing. 

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    Skinfold Caliper

    - Body fat caliper

    A caliper with jaws that measure thickness of skinfolds, usually with a range of 60-100mm. 

    - Measure skinfold thickness at multiple sites on the body in order to calculate body fat percentage.

    skinfold calipers
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    - Height Meter

    A straight vertical meter usually 200-300cm in length. 

    Used to measure height of a person standing up. 

    height meters
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    Anthropometric Bench

    (sitting height stool / bench)

    An anthropometric bench is a wood bench used for anthropometric evaluations by having subjects in ideal, comfortable, and consistent positions.

    The international standard size for anthropometric evaluation is 50x40x30 CM

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    Dermographic Markers / Pencils

    Dermographic Markers are made specifically for marking the skin during the measuring of anthropometric measurement and for easy removal.

    viscot dermographic marker set
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